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Are you a Veteran, Active-Duty Servicemember, Reservist, or Military Spouse working as a Real Estate related professional? Sign up to create your FREE listing and get in front of ready-to-buy Military Community Members!

How We're Different

We know that there are a lot of Veteran-focused business directories and associations, all of whom are vying to support our Military Community members. We’re signed up with some of them ourselves. 

How we’re different is that we provide our members with tools they can use to help their businesses grow, we provide marketing services to help our member’s businesses grow, and we actively market our directory to both Veterans (and their Spouses) to grow our membership and businesses AS WELL AS the general public who would like to support our Veteran Entrepreneurs. 

Getting Veterans to buy from Veterans is great and supportive, but there’s a whole lot more of them (non-Veterans) than us! Included with our FREE listings are analytics tools so that each member can see how many people visited their profiles as well as how many leads and referrals have been sent to them. Measuring the effectiveness of our business directory gives our members concrete evidence that membership and marketing with Veterans.Realty is an effective growth platform.

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